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Community Example: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Key facts

  • Citizens raised concerns about deer-vehicle collisions and damage to landscaping
  • Annual monitoring includes aerial surveys, on-the-ground inventories, and police records on deer-vehicle collisions
  • A 40% reduction in deer-vehicle collisions has occurred since program initiation
  • Community Size: Large city (50,000 to 500,000 people)
  • Region: Midwest
    • Plan established in 2007

    Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa. The primary problems with the local deer population included vehicular collisions and intrusion of deer on private gardens. To address these concerns, the City created a Deer Management program in 2005 and began its implementation in 2006. After many attempts, Cedar Rapids’ deer management program finally received approval for funding in 2012 and continues to be annually funded. The program includes regulated hunting by licensed hunters during permitted seasons and education of community residents—especially with regard to road safety concerns due to the large deer population. Annual monitoring is a routine part of deer management in Cedar Rapids.