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Taking on deer management in your community can seem daunting at first. Luckily, deer are among the best-studied species of wildlife in North America. The literature on deer biology and management is vast and spans decades. Here you will find a selection of some of the articles, documents and management guides that other communities have found most useful in shaping their deer management programs.

Resource Categories

Find out how residents in your community feel about deer and deer management options.

Review resources on the economic, ecological, and health/safety effects of deer in communities.

Make communication a priority for your community's deer management program. Consult these guides to learn how.

Consult these materials to compare possible action alternatives for deer management in your community.

Learn how other communities have structured their CBDM programs by browsing these deer management plans.

Translate your community's desired outcomes into deer management objectives that are specific and measurable.

Are your deer management actions having the desired effect? Use these resources to develop a measures program.

Dig deeper into community-based deer management with these practitioners' guides. 

Explore the basics of deer biology, ecology, and management.

Find books, newspaper articles, blog posts and more about the relationships between communities and deer.

Read these first if you are new to community-based deer management.

Jump-start your community's deer management program with these templates.