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Community Example: Granville, Ohio

Key facts

  • Community Size: Small city or village (less than 10,000 people)
  • Region: Midwest
    • Plan established in 2007

    The Village of Granville is a small community (approximate population 5,600) in the greater metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio’s capital city. It is home to Denison University. Complaints about deer-related problems were voiced at Village Council meetings beginning in 1997 and increased each year as the deer population grew. Damage to landscaping became widespread and residents’ demands led to the creation of a deer management program. Using input from a series of public meetings, consultations with the state wildlife agency, and other information, a deer management plan was developed with multiple action recommendations. The Village went on to authorize managed hunting on both public and private lands in 2007. Granville has administered a controlled bow hunting program since 2007 and residents report a reduction in deer sightings and deer-related problems.