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Community Example: Greenwich, Connecticut

Key facts

  • Community Size: Medium city (10,000 to 50,000 people)
  • Region: Northeast
    • Plan established in 2004

    Greenwich (approximate population 63,000) is the southernmost municipality in Connecticut and is adjacent to Westchester, County New York and Long Island Sound. Fields and old pastures have grown up into mature forest and thickets or been replaced by homes with yards and gardens, all providing plenty of shelter and food for deer. In much of the township deer are inaccessible to hunters and hunting pressure is minimal. It became clear to the Greenwich Conservation Commission that without sufficient checks on the deer population, incidence of Lyme disease, loss of forest biodiversity, and deer-vehicle collisions would continue to increase. 

    Following the recommendations of a 2004 deer management plan, Greenwich, Connecticut hired White Buffalo, a wildlife management consulting service, to conduct a deer cull on 4 city properties, resulting in the removal of 90 deer in three nights. The Greenwich Conservation Commission continues to monitor the deer population and additional controlled hunts may be conducted in the near future.