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Community Example: Kansas City, Missouri

Key facts

  • Archery hunting on public and private lands (5 acres or larger)
  • Community Size: Very large city (over 500,000 people)
  • Region: Midwest
    • Plan established in 2003

    Since 2005, Kansas City, Missouri has managed urban deer through archery hunting. The urban deer program consists of a city code/ordinance that creates the opportunity for archery deer hunting on private land, 5 acres or larger. The Missouri Department of Conservation administers and monitors the private land enrollment program. Examples of land ownership that may become enrolled for archery hunting include: cemeteries, churches, amusement parks, industrial, commercial, residential, home associations, golf courses, airports, city parks and county parks. Local Parks and Recreation Departments have also played a vital role in managing urban deer. Most notably Jackson County Parks and Kansas City Parks have led the way in controlling deer numbers within the urban parks.There has been a total of 4,959 deer harvested utilizing archery methods from 2005 - 2015 in the Kansas City, Missouri urban deer program.