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Community Example: Muscatine, Iowa

Key facts

  • Deer vehicle collisions and damage to landscaping and gardens drove the deer management process
  • The local Parks and Recreation Department implements the hunt in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • Urban hunts are conducted as part of the Deer Management Zone program
  • Community Size: Medium city (10,000 to 50,000 people)
  • Region: Midwest
    • Plan established in 2006

    In 2004, the city of Muscatine, Iowa (population approximately 23,000) adopted its community-based deer management program as an archery-only hunting season on both public and private lands--part of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Deer Management Zone hunts. Over time, Muscatine phased out hunting on public lands, due to resident perceptions that it was unsafe to visit city lands during hunting season. The city's operating budget does not specifically include deer management activities. Aerial surveys are conducted to assess progress toward management goals.